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Infinity Pool

Our Infinity Pool is totally unique to Manchester. Located on the seventh floor, it combines sweeping views with indulgent relaxation. Step in, and let yourself float: there's no better way to admire the city skyline. 

Hotel guests are welcome to visit the pool between 7am and 9pm daily, and are no longer required to reserve a timeslot prior to arriving at the hotel. However, capacity will continue to be limited to eight people to ensure social distancing can still be maintained. 

Occasionally we may need to close the Infinity Pool due to maintenance and cleaning, but we will endeavour to do this outside of peak times to avoid this being out of service for a full overnight stay. However, this cannot always be guarenteed and occasionally maintenance may be unplanned.

Please note the steam room, relaxation area and pool are for adults only. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted. The pool also measures 4m x 4m as a spa pool rather than a swimming pool.

 For more information regarding visiting the pool during your stay, please contact the reception and concierge team on 0161 667 0707.

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