The Gym at King Street Townhouse

Fitness, nutrition and recovery 

An unrivalled fitness experience in the heart of Manchester 

At King Street Townhouse Gym, we’re passionate about delivering an unrivalled fitness experience for our guests. We believe that fitness is more than just working out and that’s why our innovative approach caters to fitness, nutrition and recovery, to optimise your overall wellbeing. 

Industry-leading facilities

The ultimate destination in fitness and wellness

Our gym features four designated workout zones – cardio, strength, weights, and functional – curated in collaboration with equipment provider for the Olympic Games, Technogym. Our facilities are designed to help unlock your full potential and has been curated to bring well-needed balance to mind and body. From top of the range equipment to industry-leading personal trainers, King Street Townhouse Gym will help you to achieve your personal fitness goals. 

Personal trainers


Jed brings over 5 years of successful Personal Training to King Street Townhouse. With a sports-oriented degree and numerous fitness qualifications, Jed centres sessions around being educational, enjoyable and results driven. Jed specialises in helping people become fitter, leaner, stronger and more confident through long-term and sustainable changes.  


Harry has over 5 years of experience in training individuals to reach a wide range of goals, with a focus on strength and resistance training, weight loss, rehabilitation and overall wellness. He holds multiple qualifications including a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. Harry’s approach is grounded in scientific research and tailored to the unique needs of his clients, from beginners to advanced athletes. 


Mohammed is a qualified gym instructor, highly skilled in teaching strength training, muscle building, yoga and stretching. His approach is rooted in motivating, encouraging and supporting clients to achieve their goals, every step of the way. Mohammed is passionate about fitness and hopes to bring his knowledge and dedication to help people transform their lifestyles for the better. 

Myprotein Hub 

Created in collaboration with the UK’s leading sports nutrition brand, Myprotein 

Discover the Myprotein Hub at King Street Townhouse Gym, home to your snacking and workout apparel essentials. Our selection of Myprotein’s high-protein bars and snacks will help you refuel and replenish for a healthy boost, while the selection of high-performance workout clothes and accessories will help you to look and feel your best. 

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King Street Townhouse Gym & Spa Membership  

Our King Street Townhouse Gym & Spa Membership has been curated to offer members exclusive access to our leading wellness facilities. We’re on a mission to build a vibrant community of individuals who want to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing, whether that be through our menu of luxury spa treatments or our leading gym. As well as exclusive benefits, our membership provides a space to connect with like-minded people away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. 

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