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Towels for trees

At King Street Townhouse, we understand that every little action counts when it comes to preserving our planet, and that’s why we’ve launched our ‘Towels for Trees’ initiative, in partnership with THG (more:trees). For every towel that you choose to reuse during your stay with us, we will plant a tree on your behalf. 

Your extra £1 means one more tree in the world. 

Cut CO2 in your sleep

Simply add an optional £1 to any room booking at King Street Townhouse or gift £1 per attendee from your event. That valuable pound is then used by More Trees, who will plant a tree to offset future carbon emissions (approximately 0.3 tonnes over its growth time).

We will also match your donation, meaning a second tree will be planted on your behalf. 

You'll also be emailed a digital certificate from More Trees in acknowledgement of your kind gift.

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More Trees

THG is a global leader in ecommerce, and with that, is taking take on its share of environmental responsibility as well as persuading others to do the same.  

Starting from the ground up, More Trees makes it easy for individuals and businesses to become greener and protect the sustainability of our planet.

The work with tree planting partners in Kenya and Haiti goes beyond cutting carbon with more trees, as co-benefits like poverty alleviation and community support are also positively affected. 

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